Thursday, March 7, 2013

OSDPreserveDriveLetter for Windows 7 deployment

When deploying Windows 7 from install.wim using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, if you'll not modify anything, the Windows 7 will be running from the D drive. It will work perfectly, but some people do find it annoying.

Question - What can we do to convince Windows 7 to run from C-drive?

Answer - we must use OSDPreserveDriveLetter task sequence variable and set it false.

  1. you can create OSDPreserveDriveLetter as Collection variable.
  2. you can set OSDPreserveDriveLetter to false in the task sequence prior to applying operating system to the disk.
If you go with the first option, you don't have to make any additional configuration in your task sequences.
If you choose to set OSDPreserveDriveLetter in task sequence, than you can do it either in "build
& capture" or in deployment TS, or in all of them. The advantage of setting this variable in "build & capture" task sequence is that you'll only need to set it once. Setting OSDPreserveDriveLetter to false after that in deployment task sequences is no longer needed. This way you'll decrease number of additional configuration you'll have to make in each and every deployment task sequence.

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